Quick Thought: Science. Ur doing it wrong.

I ‘m arguing with insomnia tonight. I’ve been on a low-level anxiety kick since my sister responded to a link I sent her hours earlier. I should have realized that there was a chance the link might haunt me later in the day by sending it to someone three time zones and a wonky sleep schedule away, but I don’t always think these things through.

As much as I would like to comment further on this — scratch that. I really don’t. If you can’t reason your way through why this is a bad idea, there is just no hope for you.

This article describes procedures that are flat-out abuse; take care with reading it if you may find it triggering.

Bleaching away what ails you

Autism One, whose organizers claim that their conference is “all about the science,” featured a talk by a woman whose preferred form of therapy, besides hyperbaric oxygen, is to subject autistic children to industrial bleach in the deluded belief that she can “recover” autism with it. Rivera runs a clinic in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that she calls AutismO2 Clinica Hyperbarica. If her website is any indication, Rivera gives autistic children MMS by mouth and by enema. (Yes, she subjects autistic children to bleach enemas.)

Chelation, chemical castration – – why do autistic people need to suffer so fucking outrageously before anyone notices? Is it because many of them are too young or non-verbal to stand up for themselves?


3 responses to “Quick Thought: Science. Ur doing it wrong.

  1. I wrote a roundup post of all the coverage of MMS as a cure for autism: http://lizditz.typepad.com/i_speak_of_dreams/2012/06/miracle-mineral-solution-mms-as-an-autism-therapy-dangerous-quackery.html.

    I think most of the “isn’t MMS great for autism” discussions are occurring on closed or private discussion boards.

  2. And to answer your question, I think the abusive stuff happens because the autistic kids are too young to resist or complain.

    • That’s kind of a given. The easiest victims are always the ones with restricted ability to communicate.
      My question is how people get these ideas in their head in the first place and do things to kids that they would acknowledge was horrifying if not for the fact that they had an autistic child. Nothing is worse – not even bodily mutilation – than autism.

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