April 10, 2012 Supplement: Transcripts

Transcripts for the videos in It’s Autism Awareness Month: May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor Part One.

These are EXTREMELY triggering; discusses thoughts of murder and actual murders of autistic children.

Despite being hard of hearing, I actually did these myself. It was daunting, repetitive, and miserable.
As far as the 911 call goes, I couldn’t find any complete transcripts and as far as I know, this is the most complete/accurate transcript.

Allison Singer (then-executive vice president): I had sat in the car for about fifteen minutes and actually contemplated putting Jodie in the car and driving off the George Washington Bridge. It’s only because of Lauren, the fact that I have another child, that I probably didn’t do it.

[911] What’s going on there?

[Akhter] I kill them, I kill both of them.

[911] You killed both of them?

[Akhter] Ya, I kill my both kids.

[911] Did you /kill/ something, or did you /break/ something?

[Akhter] I kill my kids, my children, I kill my – I kill my children, children.

[911] You killed your children?

[Akhter] Ya, I kill them. Both of them.

[911] How did you do that, ma’am?

[Akhter] I don’t know, I just killed them.

[911] How old are you children?

[Akhter] Three and six, I killed them.

[911] Three and six?

[Akhter] I kill my daughter.

[911] What did you use? Did you use a gun, did you use a knife?

[Akhter] No, is uh, wire. I use a wire. On their neck.

[911] You used what, dear?

[Akhter] Wire. Wire on their neck.

[911] You used wire on their necks?

[Akhter] Ya.

[911] What kind of wire?

[Akhter] I don’t know. They are not doing anything. they are just blue, and they are, like, they are not taking any breath, and they are, uh, their heart is not beating, they are-

[911] Okay, they’re both blue?

[Akhter] Ya. I know there is [no can do (indistinct)].

[911] Why did you do this?

[Akhter] [indistinct] not normal, they are autistic. Both are autistic.

[911] Both are what, dear?

[Akhter] Autistic. I don’t want my kids to be like that.

[911] They’re both autistic?

[Akhter] I don’t want – I want normal kids.

[911] Ok, well just stay with me and talk to me, ok?

[Akhter] Ok.

[911] Where did you get the wire?

[Akhter] It’s from my. Apartment complex. First I try to give them, um, the bathroom cleaner, I put in their mouth, but they don’t drink it. I want them to drink, they don’t drink it, so there is a wire near, so I just grabbed their neck, and then I try so many time and then they are no more. Ok.

[911] Tell me what you’re feeling.

[Akhter] Nothing.

[911] You’re not feeling nothing?

[Akhter] Nothing.

[911] With the phone in your hand I want you to walk outside and meet with my officer, but stay on the phone with me.

[Akhter] I’m coming, I just [indistinct].

[Officer on scene] Ma’am, stay right there for me, stay right there, put the phone down.



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