Autistics Should…

There is a flash blog about what “Autistics Should” do. Many of the responses are going to be better than this one, and here is why: I’m just not a good activist, and presently I am overstressed and overloaded by so many things these days that righteous anger isn’t something I have access to right now.

That being said, when searching on Google, a host of disturbing auto-fill options pop up. Apparently, we should:

  • be killed
  • die
  • be exterminated
  • [shouldn’t] have children

So much for "awareness."

So much for “awareness.”

My mom is in the hospital, Morgan’s mom has cancer, his dad had a clot last weekend that almost cost his leg (he’s also had leukemia for a long time), and Morgan himself has been ill with a mystery neurological disorder for a year and a half. These are all Serious Things. They actually threaten lives.

Meanwhile, I’m an autistic person. I am currently learning to loom knit, because I am so overwhelmed by all of the Serious Things going on with the people I love most. Sometimes learning new things helps me deal with anxiety and so many people swear by knitting as a relaxing hobby.

If you really think that autistic people are something you should be afraid of, or so dangerous that we need to be euthanized, go to your nearest hospital’s ICU. Look around*, reflect on the notion that I’m at home knitting, and tell me how the fuck your priorities got so screwed.

I am an Actual Person who loves and is loved by other Actual People. I don’t exist in some weird vacuum where no one would miss me if I were gone.

* Said for dramatic contrast. Don’t actually go to the ICU and look around, privacy violations abound. Kind of like the ones you violate when you consider  rounding up autistics and eliminating them.


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