Quick Thought: Still Here

Between a foundling orphan kitten (only four days old), “Superstorm” Sandy, and a few other drama-things, I have been avoiding too much.

That said:

  • I have an outline for an article, or possible multiple articles, about my battle to get SSD coverage, and my ongoing one trying to make heads or tails of the Medicare web site;
  • I have ideas about explaining the things I taught myself in order to “pass” – which is the Holy Grail of Pyrrhic victories, and the impact it had, and why I am trying to actively deprogram some of it;
  • Ideas for parallels with my “mothering” experience with the kitten, nurturing, the difference between blood and love, the myth of inherent maternal instinct, and numerous other issues that have nothing to actually DO with my adorable kitten;
  • Also have ideas for posting about the relatively new battle going on in our home: Morgan’s mysterious chronic pain and neurological problems, and learning to balance them with pre-existing needs;
  • Morgan and I are going on a cruise for our eighth anniversary. With a fair amount of luck, that will be a “happy” post.

There are a few others floating around, but these are the things on my mind at the moment.


2 responses to “Quick Thought: Still Here

  1. So, in other words this post was a teaser… And boy what a teaser it is! There is not a single one of these that I am not excited to read and am now eagerly awaiting!

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